MCTV Newscast: 10-30

In this special Halloween-themed edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Ryan Heller and Nydia Natividad are in the studio with the latest news, information and events happening around campus.  First, Texas Tech administrators are contemplating some big changes to future commencement ceremonies.  We’ll let you know what options are being considered.  Also, the Red Raider football team is recovering from their 3rd loss in a row in conference play.  Find out who’s next on the schedule and where the team landed in this week’s the Big 12 standings.  And students looking for a creepy option for Halloween night don’t even have to leave the city limits.  MCTV’s Zach Bedair has a look at a spooky Lubbock landmark that has been haunting visitors for decades.  All this and more in today’s newscast!

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