#TuneInTuesday: I Decided by Big Sean

By Courtney White

Hip Hop artist Big Sean released his fourth album titled “I Decided” February 3rd, 2017. He is definitely not taking any “L’s” on this album. On February 2nd, 2017, Big Sean explained the concept of his album on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

“The concept of the album is ‘this is me and this is an older version of me.’ It’s parallel right there with each other… So the album is basically like having that wisdom of an old man while you’re young and going through life and figuring it out.”

The “Intro” performed by actor J.R. Starr, describes a man stuck in a monotonous lifestyle but wanting more for himself and the people closest to him. This is a great precursor for the rest of the album.

The single “Bounce Back” debuted in 2016 and can easily be named the best upbeat song on the album. He describes how in the past he has made mistakes which caused him to take “losses,” but he will succeed with a win.

Another standout on the album is a song called “No Favors” (featuring Eminem). In this track, Big Sean showcases his rhyme scheme ability and unique flow. This is a personal favorite of mine because I feel like he is able to showcase his talents without being overshadowed by fellow Detroit native Eminem.

“Same Time Pt. 1” (featuring Jhene Aiko of their duo Twenty88) portrays two lovers who are not in a serious relationship, but maintain a sexual relationship from time to time. The song is one of the shorter tracks on the album (almost like an interlude) which I wished had been longer.

On the song “Sunday Morning Jetpack” (featuring The Dream) Big Sean is reminiscing on his childhood and past experiences. He mentions his late grandmother often on this track which makes for a heartfelt ode.

The last track, “Bigger Than Me” (featuring Flint Chozen Choir & Starrah) is kind of self-explanatory. Big Sean has everything he ever wished he had, but he is working towards something that is beyond him. He wants to continue to make the world a better and bright place to live and to coexist. This song is basically the conclusion of the whole purpose of the album.

Overall, I was very pleased with “I Decided.” Big Sean was transparent on this album and has shown growth since the release of “Dark Sky Paradise.”

While Big Sean is known as an underdog in hip hop, I believe he will now be brought up in conversations with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake. All listeners will be able to appreciate every aspect of this album.

Big Sean’s tour dates for Texas begin in Houston on March 17th and Dallas on March 18th. “I Decided” is available from stream or download on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.

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