Party-Goers React to Trump’s Unexpected Win

By Breann Robinson

At around 1:35 a.m. on Nov. 9, Donald Trump became the president-elect of the United States.

People around the world were shocked to see the results of the election. So were members of Texas Tech’s Kappa Alpha Theta chapter, who had gathered for an election night party.

Haley Britzky hosted the event, bringing her friends together to see the final results of the 2016 presidential election. Although they did not all share the same political preferences, the mood was congenial.

Lila Lowe, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and a hopeful law student, voted for Hillary Clinton and was rooting for her as results began to come out.

“I would rather deal with four years of gridlock again than have someone crazy in office,” Lowe said.

Haley Hicks said her preference lay with Donald Trump. She said family values and influences from her parents left her no choice but to vote Republican.

“My parents have never pressured me into voting Republican because they didn’t have to,” Hicks said. “Growing up thinking a certain way and with certain values, I’m going to vote Republican. There’s never any doubt in their minds.”

During the election watch party, several of the young women began playing board games, painting their nails and even sleeping to pass the time between big announcements in the campaign.

Two Kappa Alpha Theta members napping to pass the time during election night

Two Kappa Alpha Theta members napping to pass the time during election night

For several party-goers, including the host, the election results came as a complete shock.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel,” Britzky said. “It matters how the rest of America feels, I guess.”

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