Humans of the South Plains Fair

The smell of funnel cakes, fried cheese on a stick and turkey legs immediately conjure up images of the fair. Those smells were prevalent at the South Plains Fair this week where hundreds of patrons and workers came to enjoy the fun.


“I was a 17-year-old little boy who was kind of lost in his path and jumped on with the carnie,” Thomas Asencinias said.


“I don’t recommend it for anybody that’s stable, but if you’re unstable and don’t have a direction to go, the carnie’s the way to go,” Asencinias said.


“It’s the food,” Andrew Harris said. “Corn dogs, he likes funnel cakes,” Betsy said. “Funnel cakes and lemonade,” Andrew said. “And we have to take my mother home a turkey leg and bring it to her.” Betsy said. They’ve been married for nine years.


“We eat corn dogs and corn on the cob every time,” Dabida Zant said she and her family come to the fair every year.


“We get to take food home afterwards,” Andrea Lucio said with a laugh. “It’s been fun meeting all the parents and you get to actually talk to them instead of just saying hi in passing periods at school.” Her son goes to Christ the King Cathedral School, who hosts the hot dog and Frito pie stand she is volunteering at. She said she loves volunteering for her son’s school because it’s great to meet the people he will be spending the next few years with.


“The fair is such a good tradition in Lubbock, I’ve lived here my whole life and there is something truly special about the weeks of the year where the fair is in town and everyone is talking about it,” Aspen Frederick said.

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