Tech Terrace’s the Best Place to Live: Fact or Fiction?

By Kortni Robinson

Locked between Indiana Avenue, 19th Street, University Avenue and 34th Street, Tech Terrace is known for its parks, quick access to campus and convenient bus system.

Many Texas Tech students call this place home. But is it truly the best area to live in Lubbock?

Riley Reagor, a senior business marketing major, lives in the heart of Tech Terrace at the corner of 26th Street and Boston Avenue. He said he loves it is because he is right next to the Lowe’s grocery store, J&B Coffee, Capital Pizza and a bus stop.

Tyler Harding, a Tech Terrace real estate agent and resident, is of the same mind. Watch this video to hear Harding speak about the pros of living in this area.

But not everyone swears by Tech Terrace.

Jennifer Thompson, a senior early childhood education major, lives at 43rd Street and Quaker Avenue, in a home her parents bought for her. She said she doesn’t mind the drive to school.


This Tech Terrace home is located at 28th Street and Boston Avenue. Kortni Robinson for The Hub@TTU.

“I would say the biggest pro about living farther from campus is that we are surrounded mostly by families, so there are never any crazy parties happening close by with loud music or drunk college kids,” she said. “We also live right by a park that’s usually filled with families and their kids, so it’s a nice change from the college scene because it makes me feel more at home.”

The drive to campus is only 5-7 minutes, Thompson said, and she has never minded it.

Victor Lopez, a junior supply chain management major, said his roommate’s parents also bought the house he lives in. He enjoys it.

“Living on 37th and Hartford has definitely been different,” Lopez said. “I used to live on Glenna Goodacre and everything was convenient, but it got hectic at times because it was so close to campus and the bus system was behind sometimes. Now I’m forced to drive to class, and it has been so much easier getting in and out of campus since I’m the one behind the wheel. I will say that I’ve noticed a lot of families live over here and can get in the way of the fun.”

Houses aren’t the only option in Lubbock. There are many different apartment complexes to choose from as well.

Senior nursing major Ashley Cole has lived in the Cottages of Lubbock since she moved out of the dorms and has always loved it.

“The Cottages are a great place to live,” she said. “My roommates and I have lived here for three years, and it’s so much fun being in an environment where so many other college students live. Plus, it makes it a little better that the pool is our backyard.”


Kortni Robinson for The Hub@TTU

Some students have not enjoyed their apartment complexes as much. This school year, Catherine Collier, a sophomore public relations major, moved into The Republic, located at 3824 Erskine Street. She said she does not like the location.

“Basically, it’s just very, very far away from everything,” Coller said. “All of my friends live in Tech Terrace or U Club, so they are all very central to campus, and being far away makes things a little bit more difficult, but I love living there. We have a very spacious five-bedroom house. The Republic has an awesome pool and workout/tanning facility, and any maintenance requests are taken care of right away. The only negative is the location.”

It seems that the best place to live depends on the opinion of the person who is moving. One thing is for certain: Lubbock definitely has plenty of options to choose from.

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