Parking: Where Does the Money, and Soul, Go?

Citations, boots and towing, oh my! Texas Tech Parking Services is a notoriously disliked entity on campus, but most students do not understand how the system actually works and where the money goes.

Stacey Stockard, the marketing coordinator for Parking Services, said parking tickets generate $1.2-$1.3 million, making up about 20 percent of the department’s budget.

“We find that the parking citation revenue actually funds our enforcement division,” Stockard said. “Our enforcement division consists of personnel, our expenses in that area and vehicles. The revenue from citations actually does all of their funding. They are a self-funded branch of transportation and parking services. “

Stockard added Texas Tech’s parking ticket revenue is normal for the size of the school’s population, with about 112,000 citations issued last year. Though tickets are given year around, there are some peak times.

“We find that the citations will see a peak at the beginning of the semester when we have new students on campus,” Stockard said. “People are learning what their new permit allows and doesn’t allow, where they should park and where they should not park. And then as the semester and years go on, it will gradually go down, and we’ll see lower levels in the spring semester.”

Many students unknowingly park in spots to which their permits don’t grant access. When they check their Texas Tech email, they see a citation.

Macy Stearns, a sophomore nutrition major at Tech, received a ticket April 29 after parking for three hours by the Biology building. She called the Parking Services office, which agreed to waive the $25 ticket because it was her first time.

One change Stearns wishes she could see concerns parking at the Robert H. Ewalt Recreation Center.

“I don’t think that we should have to pay to park at the rec center,” she said. “I think that since we already pay our tuition to use the rec center, we shouldn’t have to pay the $3 to park there every time. I should be able to use the rec whenever I want.”

For a detailed map of available parking located around campus, click here.

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