Looking for a Chill Summer? Lubbock’s Got It

By Nicole Casperson and Karla Rodriguez

Texas Tech’s outdoor pool is home to the largest leisure pool on any college campus in the U.S. Picture by Karly Johnson.

Texas Tech’s outdoor pool is home to the largest leisure pool on any college campus in the U.S. Picture by Karly Johnson.

When school is out, most people pack their stuff and head back home. Others stick around knowing that spending the hot months in Lubbock can be surprisingly enjoyable—if one is looking to have a chill summer, that is.

The line at Chimy’s is nonexistent, say those who have experience with Lubbock summers. You can also get some extra classes done, make some money or just spend your days relaxing by the pool.

Senior kinesiology major Fortune Onyekwere said he likes it when there are fewer people in town because it helps him focus.

“I can be more productive because there aren’t as many distractions,” he said. “There aren’t as many friends and people around to take you away from work or studying.”

Lubbock may feel emptier, but Phillip Martinez, a sophomore kinesiology major, said he doesn’t mind taking a break from all of the hassles throughout the school year.


Phillip Martinez

“I think it’s a good thing because it gets quieter and somewhat peaceful,” he said.

Martinez said he goes to bars and clubs. He also plays video games with his friends and fraternity brothers, but mainly enjoys being active and trying new things.

“I’ll be working out at the gym and I might check out some of the museums that Lubbock has,” Martinez said. “I also plan on going to the Patriot shooting range. I go every now and then and shoot different types of guns. It’s a little pricey, but it’s a lot of fun so I definitely recommend it.”

Graduate student Cara Aric said she likes how the town becomes more relaxed.

“On days I am not busy with school, the weather is always perfect, so I can just head to the leisure pool and lay out,” Aric said.

Jerome Jackson stays in Lubbock to work and pay rent. He said summer is a great time to make extra money because he isn’t taking classes.

“Making money for rent is all that matters when school is over,” Jackson said.


Celia Muñiz

Celia Muñiz, a senior human development and family studies major, said she stays in Lubbock for school but avoids getting the “summer boredom blues” by going to different places around town every week.

“I usually spend a lot of my time studying, but I also find time to go out so I don’t get bored,” Muñiz said. “If you stay here and just go to school or work, then most likely it’s gonna be boring, so it’s better to go out and try new things, even if you’re friends are gone.”

Muñiz said she attends different art exhibits or revisits museums. She also loves going to Painting with a Twist because it never feels like the same experience.

“Some places offer live music and wine if you’re over 21,” Muñiz said. “The First Friday Art Trail is pretty cool, but it only happens every first Friday of the month, so I wouldn’t miss that. Also, the windmill museum may sound boring, but it’s actually interesting; I think they added a new windmill so I really want to see it.”

Muñiz said she keeps an open mind and considers attending concerts of artists she is not familiar with.


Amanda Crystal Martinez-Moreno

“The band ‘In This Moment’ is coming on June 21,” Muñiz said. “It’s not the kind of music that I listen to, but that’s the whole point. It’s fun trying new things because you might end up discovering that you actually like it.”

Amanda Crystal Martinez-Moreno, a mechanical engineering major, said it is interesting staying in Lubbock during the summer because of how different the town feels.

“I’ve spent other summers here, and it’s definitely different because there is a lot less people, but I like it,” Martinez-Moreno said. “I usually go to the bars or, like, Chimy’s with friends, and it’s great because there’s no line to get in.”

Senior psychology major Avonte Kiper said he calls Lubbock his home, so this is where he stays every summer.

“I live in Lubbock; I don’t live anywhere else,” he said. “So I have to stay and work to pay rent because this is my home.”

Watch this video to learn why so many people love spending the summer in Lubbock. 

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