Do You Have What It Takes To Escape?

By Kaylon Jackson

Looking for a unique date spot or an adventurous night out with friends? Check out Trapped! Escape the Room on 50th Street to get the fun going.

Ben Posey, the owner of the establishment, said he got the idea to offer escape games from an experience he had with his wife while on a long trip in Europe.

“It ended up being the most memorable thing we did while we were there,” he said.

After coming to Lubbock for his wife’s medical career, it was difficult for Posey to find a suitable work environment. Instead, he decided to be his own boss by starting Trapped! Escape the Room.

“I wasn’t really sure if it was something people would take to here in Lubbock, but I was surprised at how things turned out,” Posey said.

Currently, the establishment has three active rooms: The Fortune Teller, The Playroom and The Precinct. Listen to Ben Posey explain the concept in this audio clip.

Candyce Cox, a Lubbock resident who visited Trapped! Escape the Room about two months ago, said she loved it.

“This is a real couple’s therapy,” she said. “Being trapped in a room together, for an hour, finding clues to solve riddles, in order to escape the room, all without killing your significant other! Totally date night worthy!”

The real fun begins when you bring a group. The more people in it, the better, Posey said. Larger groups have more opinions and receive fewer clues.

“It’s a great team-building activity for friends and companies,” Posey said.

Nigel Bethel, a sophomore at Texas Tech, recently heard about Trapped! and is happy to have something new to try in Lubbock.

His favorite part about the concept is the teamwork it takes to get out of a “sticky situation.”

“It sounds like a cool place,” Bethel said. “Get a group of friends to come, and I’m sure we’ll have a good time.”

Posey said he and his team are always looking to improve the attraction. The next (fourth) project will challenge visitors to escape from an abstract, black-and-white room.

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