Bringing Home the Bacon

By Kelsee Pitman

The list of food delivery services in Lubbock just got longer with the addition of West Texas ToGo as of this month.

The new service allows patrons to order food for immediate delivery from 17 Lubbock restaurants as well as items from a general store. The minimum charge is $30, not including the delivery fee. The company’s app speeds up orders and allows clients to earn rewards.

Chase Korns, a junior business major at Texas Tech, said he loves food and sometimes is just too lazy to go out and get it so he loves using delivery.

Screenshot of the Caddy Delivery app from an iPhone.

Screenshot of the Caddy Delivery app from an iPhone.

“Food delivery is one of the best inventions ever,” Korns said. “It makes it so much easier on me, and I would use it more if it was not so expensive.”

Other delivery services include Butlers Lubbock, Lbk To Go and Caddy Delivery.

Butlers, which is owned by Texas Tech students Richard Obi and Alec Costillo, charges about $5 for delivery depending on the distance.

Caddy Delivery also charges about $5 for delivery and requires users to have downloaded its app.

Lbk To Go has a lower delivery fee of about $4 and requires an order to be for a minimum of $15.

Many local restaurants also deliver to certain parts of Lubbock. These include Orlando’s, Stella’s, Mama Fu’s, Hub City Wings, Jason’s Deli and Jimmy Jones, among others.

Alayna Denney, a sophomore journalism major, said she had no idea there were so many delivery options in Lubbock.

“Now that I know, I am definitely going to be using delivery more,” Denney said. “It makes it easier for me.”

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