So You Think You Can Senior: What Will You Miss About Lubbock?

It’s a month until graduation, and I have a job! Thankfully, I will be staying in West Texas so I won’t be completely out of my comfort zone. There are still things I’ll certainly miss about Lubbock and Texas Tech University, and, of course, things I won’t miss.

Anyone could guess my number one. I’ll miss Chimy’s. I’ll miss that college atmosphere, hanging out with my friends, with the aroma of delicious food in the air. I’ll miss Chimy’s margaritas, but I won’t miss that awful long line.

Second, I will miss shopping at TC Elli’s and J Roberts. I can always walk in and find something, but my bank account probably won’t miss these boutiques.

Another thing I’ll miss is Potbelly’s. I probably eat there as well as at Fuzzy’s at least once a week. Everyone loves Fuzzy screwdrivers and those huge quesadillas.

I’ll miss football season. Yeah, I can always come back and go to a game, but tailgating as an alumna is not the same as when you are a student.

I won’t miss getting those annoying TechAnnounce emails that no one reads. I won’t miss walking to class in the snow because, honestly, we all know Tech rarely cancels class. I won’t miss going to a class that has nothing to do with my future or career.


Here’s what other seniors will and won’t miss:

  • Will miss the closeness and cuteness of everything. Won’t miss the dirt and super wind. – Quran Batiste, 21, media strategies
  • Will miss the lack of traffic in comparison to what bigger cities have. Won’t miss the times where it starts smelling like horse sh*t randomly outside. – Mallory McCarty, 23, psychology
  • Will miss Chimy’s, live music all the time and Josie’s steak ranchero burritos, but won’t miss waiting in line for an hour. Won’t miss how badly the streets get flooded when it rains, especially my street. – Breann Robinson, 20, journalism
  • Will miss Chimy’s after exams. Won’t miss parking tickets. – Jodi Jones, 22, nutrition
  • Will miss Natalie and all the restaurants. Won’t miss Broadway lines. – Maddy McCarty, 21, journalism
  • Will miss Broadway. Won’t miss class. – Travis Reddick, 21, geosciences
  • Will miss football games and tailgating. Won’t miss the weather. – Terry Philip, 21, kinesiology
  • Will miss all my friends I’ve made through college. Won’t miss class. – Kacy Hokett, 21, psychology
  • Will miss the lifestyle I’ve created here and the friends. Will miss having my little own city and dance family. Will miss the bonds I’ve made here and the professors who truly care about me, who I’ve become close with and who have taught me so much. Won’t miss the lame night life and how everything closes. Won’t miss the petty and drama-filled people. -Kathryn Parker, 22, dance
  • Will miss my little family I have through Dancers With Soul and Raider Awakening. Will miss the beautiful tulips that Tech plants in the spring and the atmosphere during game days. Won’t miss the Chimy’s line, drastic changes in weather and countless all-nighters studying. -Alyssa Parra, 22, human development and family studies
  • Will miss the good food and good times with friends. Won’t miss the unpredictable weather, the wind and dust storms. – Julie Jun, 21, nutrition
  • Will miss dance professors, my friends, the freedom to learn and screw up with not much responsibility as you would out of college. Won’t miss papers, busy work, homework and tuition. – Kaitlyn Hopper, 21, dance
  • Will miss football games, the leisure pool and holidays off. Won’t miss walking across the huge campus, missing the bus and classes with mandatory attendance. -Opal Gonzales, 22, nutrition health and wellness
  • Will miss the college lifestyle, dancing with Dancers with Soul and Chimy’s margaritas. Won’t miss finals week and the constantly changing weather. -Nicole Casperson, 22, journalism
About Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales, a senior Journalism student, graduates in May of 2016. She has always loved English classes, and writing, and is now pursuing it as a career. She hopes to get a job as a news reporter for a television station in West Texas so that she stays close to home. She wants to eventually be an anchor in a top market.

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