Review: Albarran’s Mexican Bar & Grill

Albarran’s Mexican Bar & Grill opened March 15, and investigative reporter Breann Robinson and I visited about two weeks later.


Natalie Morales/The Hub@TTU

For a Tuesday night, it was pretty packed. The wait was about 15 minutes for the two of us, but we decided to ask to sit at the bar. We were told by the nice hostesses that the bar was open seating and there was a bar downstairs as well as upstairs.

We followed their directions to the downstairs bar, and there were many seats open. I liked how the bar is secluded from the restaurant and the patio is next to it. I will definitely go back when it is a nice outside and have dinner and drinks on the patio.

There were three bartenders, so service was prompt. We were asked for a drink order immediately. Instead of my usual margarita choice, I went with an “appletini,” and it was delicious! The drink was garnished with a cherry and perfectly mixed with the apple flavor.

Natalie Morales/The Hub@TTU

Natalie Morales/The Hub@TTU

Breann and I held some conversation and cracked jokes with the bartenders.

I considered three choices for my entree: a chicken tender salad, chicken quesadillas or enchiladas.

I went with the enchiladas because that was the most Mexican choice, and I wanted to get the full experience of how the food tasted. Breann chose the chile relleno.

Natalie Morales/The Hub@TTU

Natalie Morales/The Hub@TTU

Our food arrived in a pretty timely manner. Breann’s plate was steaming hot. She was skeptical because her relleno did not look like one she had had before, but after a couple of bites, she decided it was good. My red-cheese enchiladas with rice and beans were tasty as well.

The prices were pretty average for a sit-down restaurant. The eatery seemed huge. Although we did not get a chance to see the upstairs or the patio, the size of the downstairs area suggested a pretty big restaurant, which makes wait times shorter.

The hostesses thanked us as we left. As a Mexican college student who doesn’t know how to cook Mexican food, I will definitely head back to Albarran’s the next time I am feeling homesick.


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Natalie Morales, a senior Journalism student, graduates in May of 2016. She has always loved English classes, and writing, and is now pursuing it as a career. She hopes to get a job as a news reporter for a television station in West Texas so that she stays close to home. She wants to eventually be an anchor in a top market.

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