So You Think You Can Senior: Adulthood

I am overwhelmed by life right now. For some reason, I waited to take the classes I dreaded until my last semester. Advice to all of you: Don’t do that!

I am so consumed with school because I absolutely HAVE to graduate. Yet, I also have yet to make time for JOB SEARCHING. Not to mention that I do not know what apartment or city I will be moving to, come May. I have a general idea of where I want to live, but I cannot live there without a job!

I know other fellow soon-to-be grads feel the same way. I am worried about sinking and failing after I graduate. A diploma is great, but if I don’t have a job after graduation, then what is it really worth?

This isn't actually happening. (Photo by Chloe Gold)

This isn’t actually happening. Photo by Chloe Gold.

Last week, local television reporters and anchors came to speak to my class. They said we should start applying for jobs three months before graduating. It is March, which means TWO MONTHS UNTIL GRADUATION. Well, I still need to put together my demo reel and resume. Any journalism students can feel my stress right now.

I have footage from previous internships, but I am picky about how I look, what I say and what I am wearing. I know I cannot be this picky at a real job, but I feel like this is how a news station will choose to hire me or not.

I will have to make time to record stand-ups over the weekend because I’m totally preoccupied during the week cuddling with my dog or studying for a major test.

I also have an interview for a summer internship, so I am unsure about applying at news stations while waiting to hear back. If I get a rejection, then I need a backup plan.

I have all spring break to edit my reel, finish my final projects and study. This fast-approaching adult life has me staying in Lubbock rather than enjoying some beach time in Florida with other college students.

I want to make my family proud not only on graduation day, but also in the days, months and years after graduation. I want to be a successful Texas Tech alumna. I want to have a bright future ahead. But most of all, I want my first job.

These are some things I’m working on, and other seniors should be to:

  1. Breathe. Tell yourself everything will be okay — because it will be.
  2. Prioritize. There is always time for fun later.
  3. Balance school, work and job searching before you are a crazy mess.
  4. ALWAYS have a plan B and be prepared to use it.
  5. Do not catch a case of “senioritis.”
  6. Save, save, save! The real world is not free.
  7. Let Jesus take the wheel.
  8. Do not be too picky about the location or requirements of your first job. A job is a job!
  9. Always make time for yourself — be it a bubble bath, a walk in a park or relaxing in bed.
  10. Make the best of your last semester, but do not get kicked out of Chimy’s.
About Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales, a senior Journalism student, graduates in May of 2016. She has always loved English classes, and writing, and is now pursuing it as a career. She hopes to get a job as a news reporter for a television station in West Texas so that she stays close to home. She wants to eventually be an anchor in a top market.

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