Seeing Double: A Pair of TWIN-terviews

By Emily Hamilton

Have you ever been told you look strikingly similar to someone else? Maybe even someone of the opposite sex? Texas Tech University students Tori and Garrett Thompson and Montana and Wyatt Horn all said they experience this quite often while attending the same university as their fraternal twin siblings.

Garrett and Tori Thompson at ages two and 22.

Garrett and Tori Thompson at 22.


Garrett and Tori Thompson at the age of 2.

Contrary to popular belief that a male/female combination in fraternal twins is extremely rare, it is actually statistically more possible than having an identical set of twins, according to Health Research Funding.

Tori Thompson, a senior at Texas Tech, said having her twin brother nearby throughout her college experience has made it memorable, to say the least.

“Our freshman year sucked because we shared a car,” Tori Thompson said. “But our parents finally came to their senses, and we get along much better now. We make dinner together pretty often and every year on our birthday, our parents have a giant cake delivered for us to share.”

Garrett Thompson joked about the favors asked of him by his twin sister.

“Sometimes I think it’s a little more beneficial for her because I’m always the plumber on call when the shower drain gets clogged,” Garrett Thompson said.

Montana Horn expressed similar opinions about attending school with her twin brother.

Montana and Wyatt Horn at ages eight and 21.

Montana and Wyatt Horn at 21.

“He lives in my back house, so I always feel a lot safer with him out there if something were to happen,” Montana Horn said.

The Horns said they often cook dinner together and even share a dog, Chandler.

And is there such a thing as “twin telepathy”?

“I’m usually pretty good at reading when something is wrong with Montana, but I guess that happens when you spend a lot of time with anyone,” Wyatt Horn said.

These dynamic sibling duos reaffirm the saying that, “two is always better than one.”


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