MCTV Newscast: 10-22

In this Wednesday edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Kayla Conboy and Laura Duclos have your daily update on the happenings around campus.  First, Laura continues our look at last week’s Homecoming festivities with the sights and sounds of the Friday events.  Also, one campus group took advantage of this spooky time of year to address the tricks and treats of college finances.  We have the details.  Later, with the November election only weeks away, a few state politicians are making Lubbock a campaign stop.  Reporter Shelby Kimball caught up with one candidate for Texas Land Commissioner whose name may sound just slightly familiar.  And Lubbock residents woke up to a wet Wednesday, but will the rain go away or is it here to stay?  Find out in today’s MCTV weathercast.

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