Fashion Technology Company In Dallas Changes The Instagram Game

We all do it. We do it before we go to bed; we do it when we wake up in the morning; we do it while eating dinner. We do it while walking in between classes; we sometimes do it and don’t even notice we are doing it; we Instagram.

Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms for college students (like me) and companies (like rewardStyle). You are probably asking,’What is rewardStyle?’ rewardStyle is a fashion technology company that allows you to buy things straight from links on blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook…. you know it. rewardStyle also created

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.12.07 has completely changed the way I think of Instagram. Before I started interning for, I would scroll through Instagram, see something I liked on one of my favorite bloggers’ posts and knew that I needed to have it.

With my luck, the blogger would not tag where the item was from, so I would spend hours Pinteresting and Google searching for the item. Sometimes, I would luck out and find where the item was from; other times, I was not so lucky.

This is where comes into play. allows you to shop for items directly from your Instagram! Yes, I said it: you can shop from Instagram! The days of google searching for the fabulous pair of booties that you saw on Instagram are over. Beyond being completely brilliant, is every fashionista’s dream and a time saver.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.11.37 PM


So, you want in on the action? Go to and sign up! It is that easy!

Next time you are on Instagram and see a picture with the hashtag #liketkit, simply like that picture, and the link to all of the products displayed will come directly to your inbox.

All you have to do is click the link, add that item to your cart, and it is yours! Sounds too easy, right? It is too easy!

In a shopping mood but cannot decide what exactly you are looking for? Let do the finding for you. Search the hashtag, #liketkit on Instagram, see all of the people who use rewardStyle, and check out all of the things that they are showing off on their Instagram.


About Courtney Bier

I am a senior Public Relations major and will be a graduate as of December 13, 2014! I am obsessed with my dog, Kobey Bear, and I rarely go a day without 4 cups of coffee. In my spare time I like to collaborate outfits for my blog ( and make unnecessary Target trips. I live for the nights where I can sit on my couch with an entire pizza and Pinterest my life away while simultaneously watching a sappy movie. I once had over 75 pairs of Nike shorts and I walk really, really fast, all of the time. My current life goal is to travel to every single state in the United States by the time that I am 25!

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