Kent Hance Steps Down as Chancellor; To Become Chancellor Emeritus of TTU

Kent Hance announced today that he is retiring as chancellor of Texas Tech University, and is to fill the position of the newly-created chancellor emeritus.


Lubbock media outlets wait for Chancellor Kent Hance and the Texas Tech University Board of Regents to return from executive session in the Red Raider Lounge in the Student Union Building on Friday.

Hance’s announcement came not long after his Vision & Tradition campaign reached $1 billion, a major milestone in Hance’s tenure as chancellor. After a Board of Regents meeting earlier today, Hance ended speculation by officially announcing his retirement and his new future role of chancellor emeritus at a press conference at the Student Union Building on the Texas Tech campus.

“I plan to retire at the end of this year, and stay on next year, until we find a successor,” Hance said. “May well be September – I hope not. But it may be April or May.”

Hance’s statements in the press conference mentioned the numerous accomplishments Texas Tech has seen during his time as Chancellor.

“We’ve been in a growth pattern,” Hance said. “When I came to the system, we had 30,000 students; we now have 44,000 students – a 45 percent growth. That’s tremendous in this day and time.”

Hance also had high praise and goals for President Duane Nellis, whom Hance appointed in March of this year.


Chancellor Kent Hance makes his official retirement announcement at a press conference Friday afternoon.

“Duane is a great guy, I expect great things from him, and he’s doing so much. I know that I can leave Texas Tech University in great shape.”

On the selection of the new chancellor, Hance said he would offer his advice when needed, but placed trust in the Board of Regents.

“These people don’t need my advice,” Hance said. “I’m staying out of that, because I’m going to work with whoever is the new chancellor and help them out when they want help. I certainly don’t want to impose myself. One thing I told the board, ‘You’ll get a lot of free advice, but y’all will make the decisions.’ They’ve got good judgment.”

Hance came to the position of Chancellor in 2006. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas Tech in 1965, and a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1968. Hance had a long, distinguished career in Texas politics, earning the title of the only politician to defeat George W. Bush in an election (for the District 19 congressional seat). He also served four years in the Texas Senate, representing the Lubbock area, and was elected to the state-wide Texas Railroad Commission. Hance is also a partner with Hance Scarborough, an Austin law firm.

Evan Dixon and Sarah Self-Walbrick contributed to this report.

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