Inside Peek: Ad Team, First Meeting

The First Meeting

I saw the list of everyone who made the team, but I did not really know anybody. At first, I am a very shy person and did not want to come across as rude by not talking to anyone. Luckily I have been breaking that bad habit and have been forcing myself to socialize more.

In the beginning, I did not know what to expect but I was eager.
I apologize if I switch a few things around because I am writing this way after it happened. I promise that I will write these entries with a fresh mind from now on! I want these to be accurate. For right now, sorry!
Bichard handed out the DISC behavior survey to everyone. We ranked groups of words that fit our personalities from greatest to least. After ranking these 12 groups, we added the total up for each column to see our strongest personality traits. The DICS stands for dominant, influencing, steadiness and complaint. My highest was “I” with the “S” not far behind, meaning I was a relater. This trait says I am “warm, sympathetic, understanding, good listener, stable, dependable; won’t force ideas on others; criticism of her work a personal affront; can overuse the indirect approach; goal is maintaining friendships; fears social rejection.” After reading this description, I noticed that it was very accurate, which is scary! We went around the room to see everyone’s traits and then got into groups with the same traits for a small exercise — to plan a trip.

There are so many places in this world that I would love to go to. Figuring out where to go as a group was surprisingly easy. We agreed upon a trip to Ireland and Scotland. After a bunch of discussion, we decided that we were just going to move instead of visit! We figured out a going away party, how to sell our things, how we were going to make a living there, what we were going to see, etc. Of course, we decided to open up a pub! We went around the room talking about everyone’s trips and their ideas. They all sounded so fun, it made me wish I had money to pursue these adventures.
Bichard talked to us about what to expect for the upcoming semester and that we would be getting into groups soon. I was really hoping to be a part of the creative team because that is what I want to do after graduation. Although, I am also very interested in understanding why people chose the things they do, so primary research would be a good place for me as well.
Near the end of the night, we received our case study.
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