Who Did It Better?

We sat down with Tech Student Democrats Vice President Raúl Cevallos and Young Conservatives of Texas Director of Events Jonathan Silva to compare the filibuster Texas State Senator Wendy Davis had in June and the talking protest U.S. Senator Ted Cruz had last week.

While both agree that the senator’s speeches gained them a lot of press coverage Cevallos doesn’t think that Cruz’s talking protest really stood up to much.

“I think D.C. definitely listened but what they listened to was actually a bunch of political theater from Ted Cruz’s part,” Cevallos said.

Watch for more on Sen. Cruz and Sen. Davis from your campus political leaders.

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  1. Your inclusion in the article of a negative quote by the Dem about GOP Cruz – without a rebuttal by the Young Conservative – gives the appearance of bias. Readers who just read the article and not watch the 9-minute video are left with the wrong impression.

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