Two Worlds

Eldridge secures his wig as he prepares to go to Club Luxor.

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Leon Eldridge is a bisexual 26-year-old man living in Lubbock. He graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a degree in operatic performance and classical music, and he sings at the Metropolitan Community Church in Lubbock. He said he has been involved with music ministry since he was 16, and it has been a part of his livelihood for most of his adult life.

But he also has another identity – one he fictionalized from his drive to be creative.

Bohemia Rothschild is a drag queen born in Eldridge’s mind. She performs at Heaven Night Club, a gay venue in Lubbock, on weekends, but she also visits another gay club, Club Luxor, when Heaven Night Club is not open.

However, Eldridge’s life as a bisexual man living in Lubbock has not been without adversity. For example, he said he was beaten by a group of men outside a bar for inadvertently disclosing his sexuality.

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