Robin Thicke v. Daft Punk: Will We Ever Have an Official Song of the Summer?

The defining song of every summer is the song you play by the pool and at every barbeque. The song everyone likes, despite what type of music they normally listen to. The one that you can never escape no matter how hard you try.

But this summer has been different. It is half way through the season and we still do not have a definitive summer jam. However, there are two main contenders: “Blurred Lines” by pop star Robin Thicke and “Get Lucky” by electronic duo Daft Punk.

In the last week of June, “Blurred Lines” was the number one selling song on iTunes, with “Get Lucky” in second. The Billboard Top 100 has the same results, with Daft Punk’s hit quickly rising.

Weston Davis, a sophomore general studies major at South Plains College from Lubbock, prefers Daft Punk’s song because of the 1970s vibe.

“I think ‘Blurred Lines’ is targeted more towards women with its’ Michael Jackson type sound,” Davis said, “But I really like the disco-y vibe of ‘Get Lucky’.”

Taylor Borland, a senior exercise and sports science major from Frisco, Texas, begs to differ. She prefers Thicke’s dance anthem.

“I’m obsessed,” Borland said as she busted out in song. “It just makes you want to dance!”

One interesting factor in this debate is that both songs feature artist Pharrell Williams. An article on Billboard’s website is calling this his big comeback from his early 2000s fame.

Both songs also include an old school, dance vibe. In a review of the song on The Guardian website, “Get Lucky” was described as the best disco song released within the past 40 years. Spin magazine described Thicke’s hit as a soulful throwback to a jazzier time.

Other popular songs this summer include many hits by women. “I Love It” by Icona Pop is number 10 on the Billboard Top 100, despite being released in 2012. Another big hit is the newest song by Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop”, which is the third most downloaded song on iTunes.

Ultimately, whether Thicke or Daft Punk win this music showdown, anything would be better than last summers’ “Call Me Maybe”, right?

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