My Favorite MTV VMA Moments

On Sunday the MTV Video Music Awards did what they tend to do best: showcase artists that make us blow up our twitter feeds and think, ‘What the $%*(@!?” At least, that’s what went through my mind the entire air time. I will admit the VMAs had some fabulous, gossip worthy moments. That being said, what better way to discuss them then right here and right now. These are my favorite happenings from the infamous award show that never lets us down with all of the crazy MTV crams into a two hour viewing. #InNSYNCWeTrust
Miley Cyrus and her performance with Robin Thicke:
Let me begin by saying there have been rumors going around from news sites that the term Cyrus has infamously decided to brand, AKA ‘twerk’ could possibly be added to the dictionary. That’s right folks. The Hannah Montana we all used to know and love has gone to the dark side where they dance with massive teddy bears on their backs and eat money sandwiches…but I digress.
When I first saw Cyrus’s performance my mouth dropped to the floor, which was fine since hers seems to continuously be open with her tongue proudly displayed for all of the world to see.
But apparently I wasn’t alone. Did you see the audience’s reaction to her twerk-formance?
The NSYNC Reunion:
I have a confession to make, I only heard about the NSYNC reunion rumor only hours before the actual airing of the MTV VMAs. My 10-year-old self is disgusted for not knowing of it sooner. Regardless, CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZING IT WAS?! If you say otherwise you might as well stop reading now.
I heard an interview on my way to school this morning with one of the local radio stations interviewing a member of NSYNC, and unfortunately he squished any sliver of hope we all had of having a reunion tour of the mega-famed boy band. It’s a sad, sad day.
Taylor Swift’s Reaction to One Direction:
We all know that Tswift and the adorable Harry Styles (drool) had a thing mixed within her 20,000 relationships she manages to have, and needless to say she was less than thrilled when Style’s band won the Best Song of the Summer award thanks to fans who voted in.
Swift was shown saying choice words to best friend Selena Gomez about the band, but come on Tswift, we know who that derogatory statement was really meant for.
Overall I thought the VMAs were really entraining this year. I’m officially excited for Lady Gaga’s new album and Drake made my heart melt as usual (I’m so proud of you too, boo). So until there’s another major celebrity gathering or an update down the Hollywood strip, I’m out. To learn more about the MTV VMA’s, check out more photos and videos here.
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