Women's Equality Day – 10 Things To Know, Aug. 26

1. The U.N. finally acts:  As Syrian leaders continue to deny the use of chemical weapons on its citizens in an attack last Wednesday, the U.N. prepares to visit the site of the attack. BBC

2. March on Washington: Tens of thousands gathered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of civil rights movement March on Washington where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his infamous ‘I have a dream’ speech. NPR

3. The VMA’s in 60 seconds: Everything you missed from MTV’s Video Music Awards in GIFs. You’re welcome. MASHABLE

4. Yikes Yosemite! The Yosemite National Park is in danger as the Rim Fire continues to burn dangerously close to sweeping across more of the park. CNN

5. Women’s Equality Day: Texas Tech will be celebrating this day with a little help from that chatty blue bird. HUB@TTU

6. Weeping for women in India: Rape incidents have gained particular attention after a female bus passenger in India was gang raped and later died of her injuries last year. Read this account of living in India by a female study abroad student. CNN

7. ‘N Sync is back! Admit it, your inner 13-year-old died happily last night with their reunion. MASHABLE

8. Hello Houston: The Texas city is booming adding 100,000 jobs last year and on track to add 80,000 jobs this year. What recession? Reuters

9.  There’s a Little League World Series? Japan took the title, its ninth overall, this weekend. NPR

10. She’s Staying: Justice Ruth Ginsberg vows to stay on the Supreme Court no matter what. Take that Mr. President. Huffington Post

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