The Heat Is On Fire – Movie Review

It’s funny, it’s vulgar, it made me jump a few times, and the best part? I’ve discovered who I want to be in my next life.

The Heat, staring Sandra Bullock as FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn is an uptight, goody-goody, follow the rules kind of gal on a mission to move up in her field. She ends up being paired with the polar opposite of her personality, AKA Melissa McCarthy, who plays the part of Shannon Mullins. Mullins, a foul-mouthed, kick a** Boston cop, makes this movie.

When I mentioned who I would like to be in my after life, I was talking about McCarthy. The Heat, in my opinion, was literally LOL funny and majority of it is thanks to her acting. I honestly went into this film thinking it might be funny, but something I probably shouldn’t have spent my money on and saved for Chimy’s this weekend. I stand corrected.

I can think of other cop movies like The Other Guys and Hot Fuzz that have a great cop dynamic duo, but I have to tip my hat to Bullock and McCarthy for their great chemistry.

When the Bullock and McCarthy are paired together to take down a drug lord out in Boston the two do not get along whatsoever, but throughout the film their combined personalities makes me want to go hang out with them down Broadway, especially after one particular scene in the movie.

In order to catch the drug lord Bullock and McCarthy have a lead of a guy who is connected to the case, and he just so happens to be at nightclub. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bullock act so awkward in a role/so awesome. Lots of awful dancing and drinking occurs but it’s the entire scene that makes the audiences see the two characters true personalities.

Like I said, overall the movie was hysterical, but I don’t think the story line was all that great either. I felt like certain scenes and leads foreshadowed and even gave (what was supposed to be) surprising information away. I like a movie as much as the next person but I would like to be entirely intrigued and not able to guess the outcome right off the bat.

That being said, it was enough to hold my attention and enough to make me want to purchase it when it eventually is released to DVD and Blu Ray. In the end it’s a feel-good-movie with a very talented cast. If you’re looking to see a movie this weekend, don’t put the fire out of what you’ve heard until you give The Heat a chance.

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