Sarah's Not So Secret Secrets: First Post! – Hello Job Search.

Hello world!

For those who are reading this and do not know me:

1.) You’re officially a creeper, but that is OK because I creep, too.
2.) My name is Sarah.
3.) I am a Senior Public Relations major at Texas Tech – wreck ’em!
4.) I am graduating a semester early – Dec. 2013 – eek!
5.) I am on the mission to find my first “big girl” job.
6.) This blog is going to document how I find said, “big girl” job.

This last semester – Spring 2013 – I had plans. I was going to find a internship that semester, as well as find one for the summer. I can attest to the fact that plans change. I applied to a few internships over Christmas break, and when I came back to Lubbock, I interviewed for the positions. I made it to the top two, and then both employers picked the other candidate because that candidate had more experience.


I was crushed, but I kept telling myself, “Every no brings you one step closer to a yes.”

Then the needs to pay my rent, feed myself, and the occasional beer or two caused me to go out and look for anything that would hire me. That is when I came across Buffalo Wild Wings. I already knew I liked their spicy garlic wings, so I applied, and I was hired on the spot.

This spurred working 30-40+ hours a week as well as going to school 15+ hours a week and – like I said earlier – going out for the occasional beer or two. I still applied for summer internships, and I even had a phone interview with Southwest Airlines. After more “No’s,” I decided to start figuring out other summer plans, but left those for me to decide after spring break.

I decided, instead of working all break long, to go skiing with my friends since it was my last spring break. Long story short – I tore my Anterior Crucial Ligament, and I am not meant to be an Olympic skier. (There goes that job possibility!)

After the injury, things fell apart. My job as a server collapsed since I could only walk on crutches, and who else would hire someone for two months? Luckily, I had some money saved up so I could still pay my rent and eat. I asked one of the Public Relations’ professors what I could do during the summer now that I was going to be unable to take on an internship. He told me to write a blog. (Maybe I procrastinated a bit on his suggestion since it is now the end of July?)

After finals I came home, and had surgery on May 22.

I went from no ACL:

To new ACL:

Gruesome, I know. For two weeks I was basically bed ridden. I had a machine that bent my knee for me six hours as well as two rounds of at home physical therapy a day. To pass the time, I read, and read, and read some more. I got to the point where I would read a book a day. This time reminded me of my love for reading.

During the school year I get so caught up with making professors’ deadlines, working, and hanging out with friends that I forget the little things that I like to do by myself for enjoyment like reading and writing.

I became more observant and reflective throughout my recovery time, as well. This time helped me figure out what I actually want to do with my life.

All of that brings me to my job search. Where do I go? Who do I meet? What do I say? What do I bring to an interview? Hell, what do I wear to an interview? Should I research the company before an interview? WHAT DO I DO TO FIND MY JOB? (Please excuse the screaming; I get passionate about this subject.) The answers to these questions – and more goodies – will – hopefully – be answered in this blog.

Think of this blog post as a starting point. My hope is I will post once a week, and by the end of this blog, there will be a progression from college student to adult. However, do not get your hopes set too high for me to post once a week; I do not want to disappoint.

To all of my friends and fellow future graduates – good luck! With perseverance and a large amount of willpower we will somehow become adults through this process!

Goodbye v-necks and blue jeans, hello sports coats and pencil skirts!

About Sarah Chollar

I am a senior public relations major from Sisterdale, Texas. Yes, that town does exist. I love writing and everything pr! I am the Promotions and Social Media Manager here at The Hub.

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