Do You Want Some Fries With That Kidnapping?

After escaping from the house she was held captive in, a 15-year-old Amarillo girl said she is glad to be free after two long months.

Capt. Jonathan Caspell of the Lubbock Police Department said the 15-year old went to the nearest McDonalds from the house she was confined to.

“We are investigating that if she came here willingly or if that was part of

the kidnapping,” he said. “We believe she may have crawled out of a window to escape the house, but we are still trying to establish that through the investigation.”

Caspell said the 15-year-old girl claimed to be a victim of sexual assaults as well as kidnapping.

He said the Lubbock Police Department has launched a full investigation and are holding 2 people in custody for questioning and have arrested a third man.

“At this time we have one person in custody on an unrelated warrant that person is probably going to end up being the adult male associated with this case,” Caspell said.

He said police are not releasing any details on the victim or the men in custody. They say there are a lot of questions that still need answers. In fact, Caspell said there might be a second victim.

“We are still looking for possibly one more,” Caspell said. “The 15-year-old had reported there was another girl she has not seen in the past couple of days. We are actively searching for this girl right now.”


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