Bag Attack: Ben Jarvis

Everyone carries one around campus, unless you’re that really cool freshman, and everyone is packing something different. Bag Attack is the spur of the moment feature that spotlights what you carry around campus. Is there a story behind that broken computer screen or was it a clumsy mistake on the worst day of your life? Welcome to Bag Attack.

My name is Benjamin Jarvis and I’m a Media & Communication senior. In my day-to-day activities, I’m either sitting at a desk or working on my next film project, with that in mind, I need to be light on my feet yet have the power of a Norse god at my fingertips. Welcome to my bag.

Bens' technology that he carries around in his bag.

Bens’ technology that he carries around in his bag.



I always have three essential screens with me throughout the day: 15 inch MacBook Pro Retina Display, Retina Display iPad, iPhone 5. With all of these items I have my charging cables and headphones.

“About a year ago, my laptop was stolen and my backpack was the get-away vehicle.”

Someone broke into my apartment when I was sleeping and picked up my bag and went on his or her way. It was a rough morning. So, over the next few weeks I dug up every laptop that would be suitable for me. My laptop had to be fast and powerful enough to handle HD video editing, designing, special effects and every other creative program out there, all at once. While Windows had been my weapon of choice over the past 20 years, I jumped ship to Apple. The ultra-thin design got rid of legacy hardware that I never use (DVD/CD drive, Ethernet, etc) and still packed more punch than other high-end Windows laptops. Ever since then, I haven’t looked back.

Bens' life style items.

Ben’s life style items.


My lifestyle items include: Prescription Ray-Ban Wafers, backup orange trim Club Master Ray-Ban Glasses, screen and glasses cleaning cloth with spray, keys, wallet, Oxy pad face wipes, Fossil watch and pens. I don’t know why I have a watch in my bag; I always have one on, same with my glasses. I never use pens anymore but it’s always a good idea to have one, I guess. Wallet and keys are just needed these days and the Oxy pad face wipes are for those really long and hot days.

Food & Health:

Most days of class I’m up at the college by 8 a.m. and I won’t leave until 6 p.m., so I have to bring food with me. I carry a can of tuna around, with my handy-dandy can opener, for lunch and chocolate protein for a snack later on.

“My blender bottle is my water bottle and I’ve become quite attached to the thing. Kind of strange.”

I actually went through TSA with a blender bottle just like that one, and they threw it away because it had water in it. I liked that color so much that I went and bought a lime green one again. The only other thing is my bike seat cover for those rare Lubbock rainy days.

That’s my bag; now get out of here. Go look at your own bag.

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