Wild Ones

If he could pick his favorite thing about being an intern at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Payam Movahed said he would narrow it down as giving back to nature.

“You always see pollution and animals being killed left and right because of our massively expanding infrastructure,” said Movahed. “It’s nice to come here and say that I’ve done something to give back to the earth and the ecosystem.”

Movahed said he first heard about the internship through his Tech advisor. Movahed is majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. He said by interning at the SPWRC he has been able to practice hands-on medical treatment to the injured animals at the center.

He said to complete his internship he needs to complete 100 hours to fulfill a three-hour credit. Movahed said with only being there for a month, he has already completed 65 hours. He said he already knows that he will continue to volunteer at the center because he likes it so much.

“It’s mostly just run off of volunteers and all donations,” he said. “All of this (the center itself) is run on people’s contributions to the SPWRC.”

Movahed said he encourages anyone who is the slightest bit interested to volunteer, intern, or donate to the SPWRC. He said by giving back to the animals it does not even feel like a job or work and he would consider it to be fun.

“Being able to help raise them the right way and have them released to the wild again is fulfilling,” he said.

You can apply, learn more, and donate to the non-profit organization, here.

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