The Future Freaks Me Out

It finally happened. An occurrence so monumental took place two weekends ago that I never thought would occur. Not only did it almost make me cry, it took my breath away.

My little brother, Ryan (I say little but the kid towers over me) officially graduated from high school.  I know, it’s unbelievable – at least, that’s what my family and I thought for awhile. (That’s my hometown’s high school logo on the banner you see above.)

Don’t get me wrong, my brother is one of the smartest people I know. He recently took his SATs for college, and without looking at a freaking study guide or book he got a decently high score. That, is disgusting. I’m considering applying to graduate school and I can assure you that my studying will be entirely more laborious and full of torment than his ever could have been. Sorry for the rant, back to graduation.

My brother and my parents outside of Reliant Stadium in Houston after his graduation.

My brother and my parents outside of Reliant Stadium in Houston after his graduation.

It hit me like a freight train that I, Lauren Taylor Estlinbaum, will be a senior and graduating May of 2014. This caused some alarm. Most people are so excited to get out into the real world, to start their lives, maybe get married, find their dream job, move the heck away from Lubbock (you know you have thought these things at least once.) I totally agree, but then again I feel very unprepared for all of the harsh cruelties of the “real world” that are about to slap me hard across the face.

First of all, my mother has told me for the past two years (at least) that I suck at saving money. Well dang, that’s obviously something I need to figure out how to do real quick. Also, I don’t know a freaking thing about how to file my taxes, I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to find my own apartment and budget for it, I don’t even know how to change a tire (I’m obviously going places.) I kind of know how to write and I definitely know how to shop. Is there a career for that? I’ll be Jennifer Lawrence’s personal stylist. Holla at yo girl, J-Law.

But really, what am I going to do without Texas Tech? It’s been my home away from home for the past three, and soon to be four years. I’ve made some of my closest friends here, I’ve discovered who I am as a person, and I’ve learned how to be more independent than I ever could have been by going to school close to home.

I really look up to my brother in that sense. Even though he recently graduated from high school he acts as if he has no fear for what the future holds. He’s going towards it one step at a time and accepting things as they come his way.

Maybe that’s how I should look at my senior year. I’m planning on living it up to it’s fullest potential, but perhaps I shouldn’t stress over every single application, every single test I don’t do as well as I would have liked, or if I don’t get into every honor society that exists. I believe in the statement, everything happens for a reason. I’m not saying it’s factual or accurate my any means, it’s just something I’ve always taken into consideration.

This is Ryan, my brother and best friend. He just graduated high school (yikes.)

This is Ryan, my brother and best friend. He just graduated high school (yikes.)

So perhaps it’s time to consider the present and embracing certain situations when they actually happen. What’s the fun in stressing? Life is a gift, and nobody’s perfect. This year is going to be a year full of memories and experiences I hope to treasure for a lifetime. Thanks Ryan, for helping me see the brighter side of a light that seems to rapidly be diming.

To the class of 2014, congratulations for making it this far, and good luck in all of your future endeavors.

About Lauren Estlinbaum

Entertainment Director    —    Journalism major, Class of 2014
Lauren Estlinbaum grew up in Pearland, Texas, south of Houston (go Texans). She is a journalism major with a minor in apparel design. Lauren would like to work for either a fashion or lifestyle publication post-graduation. As she likes to say, she considers fashion magazines survival guides.

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