Students Give Tips On Summer Fun In Lubbock

Rebecca Thering, a Texas Tech student, hates the idea of summer school, but chooses to take it anyway to get in extra hours.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if all of my friends were here, but most of them go home or are at the pool all day.”

Lubbock may not seem like the ultimate summer vacation to most, but there are a few places students have claimed as their favorites.

Madeline Walther, a senior Wildlife Biology major from El Paso, likes going to the local wineries.

“I started going to wineries with a few friends from work. My favorite is Llano Estacado,” she said.

There are four local wineries in Lubbock — McPherson Cellars, CapRock, Llano Estacado and Pheasant Ridge. Most of these have a free, daily tour and wine tasting.

Bailey Delevan, a sophomore advertising major from Lubbock, said, “I live out at Buffalo Lake, so I take my boat out any chance I get.”

Buffalo Springs Lake is located 10 miles outside of Lubbock and offers many activities. With an entry fee of $5 for students, hiking trails, fishing and sun bathing in the lake are available.

Delevan said he’s made many new friends spending his summers out on the lake.

If the lake isn’t of interest, Ariel Hamilton, also a Lubbock native, recommends the Stars and Stripes Drive-In movie theater.

“My parents always brought us to the drive-in. It’s fun and cheap,” Hamilton said.

Viewers arrive and sit in their vehicles to watch the show. Hamilton suggests bringing food and drinks and plenty of pillows and blankets.

Seth Moore, a junior exercise sports science major from Lubbock, likes to spend his summer days relaxing and getting a good tan at the leisure pool.

According to the Texas Tech website, The Texas Tech Leisure Pool holds a 645-foot lazy river, reportedly the largest leisure pool on a college campus in the United States.

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