Digging Up History – 10 Things To Know, May 6

1) Project Talent – Did any of your family go to Lubbock high school from 1960-1963? A national study is looking for graduates from that era to do a 53-year follow-up to aptitude tests given to over 440,000 high school students in those years. Lubbock Avalanche Journal

2) No Room for the Fallen – A Texas memorial to volunteer firefighters killed in service has run out of space to place names. This namely affects the ten firefighters killed in the recent West fertilizer plant explosion. USA TODAY

3) Speaking Of – The fertilizer plant in West only had $1 million in liability insurance for damage and injuries — a negligible amount, attorneys say, compared to the cost of the accident. Los Angeles Times

4) Excessive Celebration – A pointed finger to the sky after a U.I.L. track-and-field win has cost a high school 4x100m relay team their qualification. This has sparked a hot debate about religious expression at public schooling events. Yahoo! Sports

5) Obama in Austin – President Barack Obama has scheduled a tour of quick stops across the nation to spread word about new job expansion plans in the U.S. His first stop will be Austin on Thursday. Reuters

6) Plastic Guns, You Know, Like In X-Men – Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has publicly announced support for a legislative measure that would ban the creation of 3D printed weapons, after the first fully-functional handgun was created by 3D printer last week. CBS New York

7) Paying For YouTube? – Sources report that Google is on the verge of unveiling YouTube premium subscription services for some of their speciality content. Financial Times

8) Trade-Ins – Video game retailer GameStop says it will stop accepting PlayStation 2 trade-ins on June 1. Joystiq

9) 20/20 Tour & Pt. 2 – Justin Timberlake has announced that the followup to his most recent hit album, The 20/20 Experience, will be coming out later this year, along with his first solo world tour in six years — including a stop in Dallas! MTV

10) EKG Auction – The electrocardiogram readings of Neil Armstrong’s moon-based heartbeat will be going up for auction in New Hampshire soon. Buy a piece of history? FOX News

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