TASEM Discusses Netflix, Youtube, And Duck Dynasty In New Podcasts

The Tech Association of Student Electronic Media recently experimented with podcasts for the first time. TASEM heads Ben Jarvis and Theresa Malicki led the student group in creating three podcasts about Netflix, Youtube, and Duck Dynasty. Basically, the three most important topics to any media student.

Do you want in on this podcast action? Maybe you want to learn your way around a camera, or you just want to connect with other students who are driven to create and teach one another in all aspects of media. TASEM meets Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in Room 365 of the Media and Communication building. Come out, have some fun, make some friends, develop your skills, and learn with us.

In the meantime, check out the TASEM website HERE.

YouTube Programming

In this podcast, Alex Sanders and Chris Sanders discuss the finer points of web series, specifically those on YouTube, such as “Video Game High School” and “Bravest Warrior.” How do some of these web series on YouTube compare to standard television series?


Duck Dynasty

In this podcast, Barbara Garcia, Jason Kilhoffer, and Ben Jarvis discuss the television masterpiece that is “Duck Dynasty.” What makes this reality television show such a massive hit? Can it be considered “reality television” if everything is scripted? Does Si really have a death wish?



In this podcast, Theresa Malicki, David Vaughn, Lauren Glover, Sarah Beaton, Katie Cornblath, and Hannah Westbrook all have a rousing discussion about Netflix and how its business model has affected the television industry and their specific viewing habits. To binge or not to binge…


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  1. hahaha “Does Si really have a death wish?” Best line here.

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