Snow In April: 10 Things To Know – April 10th

1. A Very Snowy Spring: In case you haven’t noticed, it is snowing outside despite the fact that we are in the second week of April and yesterday we had a high of 75 degrees. Weather Channel

2. Descend on the Capitol: People fighting for immigration reform, not aliens, will descend on the Capitol in Washington D.C. demanding a path to citizenship. NPR

3. Vital Threat: South Korea has officially said it has raised its alert level to “vital threat” with North Korea. This coming on the same day North Korea warned the U.S. to remove its diplomatic forces from South Korea. BBC

4. Gun Deal: A deal has finally been reached when it comes to performing background checks for purchasing a gun. The senators who brokered the deal will make an announcement at 11 a.m. ET. Reuters

5. Happy Anniversary: One year ago today Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Not much has changed since then but people are still waiting for the day Facebook strips Instagram of its independent identity. Mashable 

6. Victim Blaming: An alleged rape victim committed suicide in Canada after she was allegedly gang raped at 15-years-old. CNN

7. Construction Costs: While the construction industry is booming in Texas, some companies are taking advantage of the undocumented immigrant labor. NPR

8. Eight in Eighteen: University of Connecticut wins their eighth NCAA title in 18 years. ESPN 

9. Cesar Chavez March: This weekend the Lubbock community is invited to march in commemoration of Cesar E. Chavez, a pioneer in improving farm workers rights and working conditions. Lubbock Avalanche Journal

10. Texas Transportation: Lawmakers are saying they need at least $4 billion to keep the traffic conditions across the state from getting worse but the House has yet to come up with the money or an alternative. Texas Tribune 

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