Scramble! – 10 Things To Know, April 2

1) Rate Hikes – Lubbock Power & Light may be looking at utility rate increases over the summer after looking at study data, to the tune of nine or 10 percent. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

2) Sorry, C.W. – The new Texas Tech men’s basketball head coach, “Tubby” Smith, will be announced today at 2pm in the United Spirit Arena.

3) Aryans – Some clues suggest that the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas may be behind the recent slayings of two Texas district attorneys. CNN

4) Read My Lips: No New Medicaid – While not as memorable as Bush 1’s little quip, Gov. Rick Perry reiterates his warding of Texas from Medicaid expansion. Reuters

5) Cruzin’ 2016 – Could Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) be planning a run for the Presidency in 2016? Washington Post

6) How Nice – Fannie Mae posted record profits for 2012, supposedly saying how good the housing market is now. CNNMoney

7) From The Grave – Steve Jobs was directly involved in the design of the next two iPhone models before his death in October 2011. Now THAT’S a legacy. InformationWeek

8) By the Poun– Kilogram. – Samoa Air defends its choice to become the first airline that charges passengers not by seat — but by weight. A per-kilogram charge. BBC World

9) La Porte de L’Enfer – “Pluto’s Gate” or “The Gates of Hell” has been discovered by archaeologists in Turkey. NBC/Discovery News

10) $100 Million For Brains – President Obama announces his desire for research into the human brain. Washington Times

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