No One Likes PCs Anymore: 10 Things To Know – April 11

1. House Hostages: Five fire fighters were taken hostage in Georgia. The SWAT officers threw a flash grenade at the house and killed the gunman. USA Today

2. Aiding The Enemy: A judge has ruled that the government must prove that Bradley Manning was knowingly helping Al-Qaeda. Brisbane Times

3. Rest In Peace: The world’s first “test tube baby” died at the age of 87. The New York Times

4. Hermit of The Knight: Christopher Knight was arrested after living in the woods, alone for 27 years. USA Today

5. Tightening The Border: The U.S. senate has agreed to work out a new plan for tightening border security even more. Associated Press via Yahoo!

6. That’s Mental: Obama’s new budget proposal brings millions and millions to mental health care. The Washington Post

7. What’s A PC?: PC industry had the worst sales quarter of the last 20 years. Reuters

8. Fire Over The Bridge: A new bridge in Vietnam is a fire-breathing dragon. Dallas Morning News

9. Oh, Crick: A letter written by Francis Crick about DNA sold in auction for a record amount. The Guardian

10. Uruguay Says It’s OK: Uruguay passed a bill approving same-sex marriages. Reuters via Yahoo!

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