Gatsby, Missiles, and Bird Flu – 10 Things to Know, April 5th

  1. Great Gatsby: “The Great Gatsby” has a new trailer, and in it Beyoncé covers the late Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” The film is to have a large number of hit artists’ music, such as Jay-Z, Florence + the Machine – Vogue UK
  2. Professor Problems: University of Rochester professor writes controversial blog about raping the unconscious. – Huffington Post
  3. Go Ahead, Walk: Studies show walking may be as beneficial to your health as running. – Time
  4. Malala Fund: Pakistani teenager shot in the head last October issues the first grant of the Malala Fund to girls’ education in Pakistan. – CBS News
  5. R.I.P.: Beloved film critic Roger Ebert died at age 70 yesterday after his long battle with cancer. – BBC News
  6. H7N9: More than 20,000 birds slaughtered as a preventative measure in light of bird flu scare in China. – CNN
  7. North Korea, Again: The country hides two immediate range missiles on its East coast, according to South Korean Intelligence. Report has not been confirmed. – Reuters
  8. Coffee Junkies: Here are nine health benefits of coffee, but it’s not for everyone. – Huffington Post
  9. “No Money, No Lunch”: About 25 students at a Massachusetts middle school told to dump their lunches due to lunch card debt. – CNN
  10. All the Rage: Sparkling or still? Would you like an option at the water fountain? Australia does! – Time

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