Disaster – 10 Things To Know, April 16

1) Boston Bombing – A series of explosions rocked the series of Boston yesterday at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, along with a third, possibly unrelated, fire at the J.F.K. Library. The F.B.I. has taken charge of the investigation, and is aggressively searching for and asking for information and witnesses. Wall Street Journal

2) 1960s Hispanic Activist Dies – Sal Castro, a Los Angeles teacher, died today at 79. Castro was heavily involved in the 1968 Chicago student “blowout,” where more than 1,000 Latino students walked out of school to protest for better education. Los Angeles Times

3) SOMEbody, Not Naming Names… – China published a defense paper, alluding to “some country” upgrading its presence and focus to the Asia-Pacific theater… after the Obama Administration announced it intended to refocus attention on that area. The New York Times

4) Things Not To Say – A former Texas Justice of the Peace is being investigated for e-mailing threats, parallel to the investigation of the slain attorneys and family members near Dallas. Associated Press/ABC News

5) Duke University Threats – Police and bomb crews responded to an anonymous tip this morning and evacuated the university’s student center. The Bryan Center was evacuated by police and the search is ongoing. FOX News

6) Zetas on Trial – The brother of two heads of a Mexican cartel is going on trial today for allegedly using horse racing to mask and profit on drug trafficking money. Boston Globe

7) 99 Years – A man was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the shooting of two West Texas soldiers in a dispute over a woman. Houston Chronicle

8) MS Exec: “No MS Phone” – A Microsoft executive said at a conference that he sees no need for a Microsoft smart phone along the vein of the Apple iPhone. The Windows mobile operating system will still be available. C|Net

9) R.I.P. Netbooks– According to a market research firm, the portable “netbook” type of laptop computer will be soon on the way out, thanks to smart phone and tablet technology. Digital Trends

10) Snails! – Florida is battling an invasion of the giant African land snail, which can grow as big as a rat and gnaw through stucco and plaster. Ewww! Reuters

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