Could Use a Hero – 10 Things to Know, April 17th

(Above: Still from “Man of Steel,” trailer 3, where we see Superman’s home planet under attack.)

  1. Needing a Hero: New “Man of Steel” trailer surfaces, and appears to promise an aspect of humanity to the invincible Superman. – Gizmodo 
  2. Boston: Third victim in Boston marathon bombing was a Boston University student from China. – KCBD
  3. Boston, Again: FBI to rebuild the homemade bombs from the marathon bombings in Boston to gain more insight into the incident. Pressure cooker bombs suspected. – CNN
  4. Say Goodbye to Sprint?: Dish Network lays down a $25.5 million offer to buy Sprint Nextel. – Huffington Post
  5. “Don’t Glass and Drive”: Google Glass might be the newest eyewear craze, but Google is still revealing the specs on the specs. – Time
  6. North Korean Fuss: Pres. Barack Obama is interviewed about the bubbling situation in North Korea. – NBC TODAY
  7. Face Palm: North Korea supposedly placed Austin, TX on its nuclear bombing list last month, but the Texas Attorney General thinks Democrats and the POTUS are a much larger threat. – Huffington Post
  8. 7.8 on the Richter Scale: Development in the aftermath of the Iranian earthquake. Across the border, 34 have been reported dead in Pakistan. – BBC
  9. Bookish: Next week, former President George W. Bush is to dedicate the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, TX at SMU campus. – NY Times
  10. That’s How I PatROL: Dubai has their law enforcement officers keeping the peace in style – Lamborghini-style. – WSJ


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