Boston, Tiger Cuddles, Nudity and Privacy: 10 Things To Know, April 19

1. Outed In Obituary – A PE teacher in Ohio was fired after an obituary outed her as being gay. NBC

2. CISPA Not Dead Yet – The cybersecurity bill was passed by the House yesterday and many are fearing for the future of privacy on the Internet. RT

3. Tenure Doesn’t Mean Untouchable – Professor in Florida fired for forcing students to sign a pledge to vote for Obama in the 2012 election. Campus Reform

4. Nudity And Swearing – FCC considering relaxing their standards. FCC

5. It’s Okay, We’re Friends – Siri remembers you, but will she share your secrets? Wired

6. I Want To Go To There – Two planets have been found that may be capable of supporting life, only 1,200 light-years away. The New York Times

7. Internet Archaeology – Wired brings you a look into some fabulous abandoned websites. Wired

8. If You Loved Me, You’d Buy It For Me – Pink diamond sells for over $39 million. Huffington Post

9. This Week, Everyone Can Use A Cuddle – Lion and tiger snuggle in Miami. Huffington Post

10. Rough Week Gets Rougher – Boston Marathon bombing suspect was killed last night after shooting an MIT police officer. USA Today

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