ASO Brings African Culture To Campus

The models of Night in Africa strutting their stuff during the fashion show. Photo by Jodie May

The Texas Tech African Students Organization hosted its second annual Night in Africa on Sunday night, showcasing various African cultures, dances, poetry and music.

Ibukun Adetomiwa, a dancer and the ASO treasurer, said Night in Africa is put on to unite the students of Tech in a fun and educational way.

“Night in Africa is where anybody can come see dances, poetry, performances, and a fashion show,” Adetomiwa said, “mainly, anything revolving around Africa and empowerment.”

Riane Gay, a past model for Night in Africa, said the organization spent about a month putting everything together, and the turnout for the event was very good. She also said she hopes to see more of the organizations at Tech showcasing their talents for everyone to watch.

“I think we should do more of this,” Gay said, “and I feel like different organizations should also do this so we can come out to watch and be more unified.”

Paula Emordi, who modeled in the fashion show, said she got to model a dashiki, a colorful garment worn in Africa, that was given to her by her friend.

Emordi went on to say anyone can join ASO no matter what cultural background they have, and she encourages students to get involved.

Adetomiwa said, in the future, she wanted to see the organization progress in their journey to educate about the African culture.

“This is put on to just let people know that Africa is a country that needs help, and for us to show that we care about it,” Adetomiwa said.

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