90-year-olds Are More Athletic Than You: 10 Things To Know – April 4

1. Ready To Launch: U.S. has decided to go two years ahead of schedule and deploy an advanced missile defense to Guam. New York Times

2. Fort Knox Lock Down: One is left dead after a shooting at Fort Knox military base. The Huffington Post

3. Cuttin’ Checks: Obama will now give the Treasury 5 percent of his monthly paycheck. The Washington Times

4. Heart vs. Hair: A study of 37,000 people shows thinning hair may be an indicator of heart risk. BBC

5. Gang Ties: Two men involved in the 211 gang have been arrested for the shooting for Colorado prison chief. CBS News

6. Shark Sword? Yes.: A newly found shark-tooth sword points to an undiscovered extinct shark species.  Counsel&Heal

7. An H.I.V Positive: Researchers are getting closer to a vaccine for H.I.V./AIDS. The New York Times

8. When It Rains, It Pours: A flood from a storm in Argentine claims the lives of dozens. CNN

9. Camouflaged Soldiers: The same day one of the biggest anti-Taliban figures in Afghanistan returns to a hero’s reception, insurgents dressed as Afghan soldiers killed more than 50 people in an attack on a courthouse in Farah. Wall Street Journal

10. Feel Good: No news here, just a video of two 90-year-olds racing each other in the 100-meter-dash. The Washington Post

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