Women's Day! – 10 Things To Know March 8


  1. It’s Women’s Day! – Women’s fight for equal rights isn’t over yet. Read about 7 injustices women deal with around the world (including the U.S.) – ABC
  2. Sounds like a Family Guy episode – The BBC asks “What if women ruled the world?” – BBC
  3. I really want to go to space – There is a petition proposed to raise NASA’s budget to 1%. Be active in your government and go sign it! – White House
  4. It’s getting hot in here – No, but really. Global Warming is real and rising faster now than it has over the last 11,300 years – Business Insider
  5. Some sun is nifty – Concrete that heals itself, using sunlight – Technology Review
  6. Because bees are awesome – Bee venom that kills HIV. Getting closer and closer to a cure! – Washington University
  7. Please cough like a vampire – CDC warning of a resistant “nightmare bacteria” that is spreading and killing – CNN
  8. Kim Jong-un is getting cocky/dangerous – North Korea has ended peace pacts with South Korea and cut off the hotline connecting the two – BBC
  9. I’d read a tabloid about Tarder Sauce – Grumpy Cat came to Texas to be pampered for his photo shoot with Friskies and to attend SXSW – TMZ
  10. SimFailure – Amazon stops selling the downloadable version of SimCity due to the mass of issues EA has dealt with since the launch – BBC
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