The Spring Break You Should Have Had

This spring break, I went to Destin, Florida with my all the women in my family to get some sun and surf on. Except the high was 55 degrees the whole week. And by all of the women in my family, I truly mean all of them. My mom (Kelly), sister (Samantha), grandma (Bonnie) aunt, (Melody) and three-year-old cousin (Maren).

Most of the time, we played charades and watched the entire pilot and first season of the ORIGINAL “Dallas.”

Within our charades game, my grandma knew no pop culture references in any A.D. era, so we played charades: grandma edition in which the clues were The Bible, Charles Stanley, The Old Rugged Cross, I’ll Fly Away, What about Bob, The Jerk, and Babe–yes, the movie with the talking pig. These are the only movies my grandma remembers seeing. That’s not to say we don’t make her watch movies, she just forgets she’s seen them.

The beach was cold most of the time, but fun is basically unlimited when a cooped up toddler is involved. This is a lie.

Below lies a small montage of all the things we did in Florida, shot on my iPhone so please excuse the weird proportions and low-definition. It’s so short because we mostly just laid around and watched Dallas, but these are the highlights.

You don’t want to see the cutting room floor.

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  1. ‘My family is full of beautiful, thin women who place an emphasis on what they look like’ ..From your ‘bear your soul’ post. Not one of these women can be categorized as any sort of thin by any standard or measure. Too many ‘donut dashes’ that you wrote of earlier without the 5k? As a former New Yorker, you will soon be able to define what thin is and not what Texas’ definition is. Stick to something newsworthy or entertaining and not overcompensated pity.

  2. Ok, ML. First and foremost, you’re absolutely the problem and exactly the type of person I was talking about in my “Bear My Soul” piece. My aunt is 90 pounds and my grandma, though chesty, is also very small. Two of the girls in this post are 13 and 3, and already you want to instill in them a sense of insecurity. And for what? So you can sit behind your computer screen and feel justified that you made yet another girl question if she was worth anything by the way she looks?

    And why would I be so excited to learn of what’s thin and what’s not by New York standard? So I can be as fulfilled as you are with your life, trolling articles three months after they’re posted?

    Why does it bother you so much that I don’t hate myself?

    And, just as a reference point, there are 8 MILLION people in New York. There’s an even larger skew of thin to fat.

    And if you would have read closely, I said in my “Bear My Soul” that it was not a “poor, pitiful me kind of opinion piece,” and plenty of people found it entertaining. And, more than that, they found it relatable.

    And isn’t the first rule of newsworthiness being timely? How awkward that three moths later you chose to comment. Stick to your day job and I’ll stick to mine.

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