Sprung – 10 Things to Know, March 20th

  1. In Case You Didn’t Know: Today’s the first Day of Spring!!! The weather is just confused.
  2. Drawing Lines?: Transgender child banned from using bathroom of choice by elementary school in Colorado, a state with an anti-discrimination law that protects transgender individuals. – Huffington Post
  3. “Unbreakable Alliance”: President Obama arrives in Israel. – NPR
  4. To Market, To Market: When it comes to hunting through the job market, your best bet may be your connections on LinkedIn. – WSJ
  5. Marry Me?: Magneto to officiate Professor X’s wedding. Seriously!  – Time
  6. “Down There”: Pubic grooming may raise your risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI, folks). – New York Magazine
  7. Lady Marmalade: Public prostitution could become legal in Paris, France. – Huffington Post
  8. Greening Up: Could the United States really become THE model in reducing greenhouse gases? – New York Times
  9. Oops: Greek soccer player receives life-ban from the beautiful game due to a Nazi salute. But was it intentional? – Time
  10. Bad News Bears: Chemical weapons in Syria? No one can say for certain. – CBS News


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