Korea, Viruses, And NCAA: 10 Things To Know – March 25

A Google Maps screenshot of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Just FYI.

1) We Triple-Dog Dare Ya – The United States and South Korea have officially published a plan “two and a half years in the making” designed to counter North Korean provocations. The New York Times

2) Color Run? Color Fun, More Like – The Lubbock Color Run was a smash hit, with thousands of supporters, participants, and onlookers. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

3) U.T. Fumbles Virus – See, it’s a football joke. The University of Texas has lost a vial containing a virus that causes hemorrhagic fever. But it’s okay. It’s not a threat to the public, they say. CBS News

4) Powerlifting – Someone tell Kliff he missed a guy on National Signing Day. A Pilot Point High School lifter just benched 700 lbs. Seven. Hundred. Pounds. DMW Blogs

5) Too Fast for Glass – West Virginia proposes legislation to cut augmented reality headsets like Google Glass out of the driver’s seat. There goes one way I could have been able to drive. TechCrunch

6) Sweet 16 – So who’s in your bracket to win? The next round of the NCAA March Madness tournament starts Thursday. ESPN

7) The $100,000 Condom – Bill Gates wants to shell out $100 thousand plus a later grant of $1 million to whoever can make the next-gen condom. At least it won’t be iRubber (Rubber? I hardly knew’er!) Mashable

8) Firestarter – After fighting a grass fire on Highway 114, a fire chief gives safety tips for the coming dry season. KCBD

9) Big Brother – Apple has purchased a technology firm that was developing a way to track location based on the strength of wi-fi signals, best used inside of buildings. I doubt this one will destroy itself if you type your name in. The Guardian

10) Driver Irresponsibility – Texas is looking at repealing or overhauling its Driver Responsibility Program, which levies surcharges on driving violations. Dallas Morning News

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