Guns, Grandparents, and Gay Marriage – 10 Things To Know, March 21

1. Armed, Dangerous & Defeated: Two Oklahoma teens found dead after failed robbery attempt in Texas. –Washington Post

2. The New“Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme: A Dallas family of a boy accused of raping a girl is suing the alleged victim for what they believe is false accusations and a “get-rich-quick” scheme. – Dallas Morning News

3. Threatening Threats: North Korea has issued new threats to the U.S, saying it will attack U.S. military bases in Japan and the Pacific island of Guam if they feel provoked or threatened themselves. –Reuters

4. Is This The Future They Warned Us About?: As it turns out, existing laws may not give much protection in the way of the newly introduced drones. While they help find missing people and help judge landfill growth, pedophiles and drug dealers probably have different ideas in mind. – The New York Times

5. 3-D, Glasses-Free: HP is hard at work, developing glasses-free 3D system. – NBC News

6. You Never Know Unless You Ask: Model Kate Upton accepted an invitation, if scheduling allows, to be some lucky 17-year-old’s senior prom date. What a gal. –Newsday

7. Get It From Your Granny: Studies show the risk of autism may be relayed to children from their grandparents. –BBC

8. Guilty As Charged?: Al Qaeda operative has been charged with conspiring to kill American troops and targeting attacks on Nigerian diplomats. –New York Daily News

9. Venue Set; Save The Date: The trial venue has been decided on for U.S. Army office accused of killing 13 people and wounding 32 more at the Fort Hood Army base back in 2009. –Reuters

10. For The Kids: American Academy of Pediatrics announced their support for gay marriage if the parents agree it’s what’s best for the children. – The New York Times

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