Good News, Gay Rights, & Guns: 10 Things To Know – March 28

1. Newtown Killer: A new search warrant opens the Newtown killer’s home for the first time since the shooting, revealing massive amounts of ammunition, swords, and a journal. New York Times

2. Pray for Nelson: Nelson Mandela, 94, is back in the hospital with a lung infection. BBC

3. Co-Worker Kindness: A Florida woman rejects her co-workers offer of joining in an office pool for the Powerball lottery; they win, and share anyway. The Huffington Post

4. Does Mama Really Know Best?: Almost half the people on the road are texting and driving, and it’s mostly adults. PC Mag

5. Good News: L.A. police found a missing 10-year-old alive 12 hours after she disappeared. USA Today

6. Diseased DNA: Scientists have identified 74 newly discovered regions of DNA that are connected to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer. L.A. Times

7.  You Were Really Close: GOP Senator said her views of gay marriage and rights are evolving, but doesn’t endorse it. The Huffington Post

8. Terms of Agreement: The judge of Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial has eased the terms of his bail. New York Times

9. Bacteria Diet: A new study found that surgeries cause different types of bacteria to colonies the stomach. BBC

10. Bomb Buddies: The U.S. sent B-2 bombers to South Korea after recent threats from North Korea. The Huffington Post

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