Filibustered! – 10 Things to Know, March 7

1. Yes, We Have a Supreme Court – The Student Government Association is going to be holding a Supreme Court hearing tonight. Yeah. For real. The Hub@TTU

1.5. SHUT THE @#^& UP! – Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) talked for 13 hours straight on the Senate floor to block the confirmation of President Obama’s selection for head of the CIA. USA Today

2. Don’t Say ‘No’ – No criminal charges are to be filed against a 911 caller who denied to give an 87-year-old woman CPR. ABC News

3. The Fairer Sex Indeed – The top 10 male contenders for American Idol “fell flat” last night in their performances. C’mon, fella’s. CeleBuzz

4. Analyze This! – Analysts suspect that new United Nations sanctions and penalties won’t dissuade North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un from continuing the nation’s 50-year track record of trying to build illegal nuclear weapons. Well, I could’a told you that. Reuters

5. All By Myself – Syria declines assistance of Arab League in efforts to solve Syria’s internal disputes. XinHuaNet English News

6. Intern vs. Lion – A California intern was killed by a lion at a cat sanctuary. He was 27. Authorities killed the lion back. Los Angeles Times Online

7. Chump Change – Microsoft is fined $732 million by the European Union for violating its promise to offer European consumers access to third-party browsers. OH NOOOO. Wall Street Journal

8. Measuring the Cosmos – A newly-discovered type of star allows for a different way to measure distance in the universe. Ars Technica

9. Boson-a Fide – Too nerdy? It’s a play on “bona fide.” Shut up. Scientists are getting closer to certainty that the new particle found by the Large Hadron Collidor (that thing that we were afraid was going to make a black hole in France) last year is actually the Higgs boson, the newest, tiniest subatomic particle. New Scientist

10. Just Let Us Have This! – Scientists are casting doubt on the ability to “cure” HIV in infants, claiming it may have actually been just as miraculous as it seemed rather than a breakthrough. Thanks. Jerks. Deseret News

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