Facebook Can Improve Memory!? – 10 Things to Know, March 6th

  1. Distractions: So you know how oftentimes you might mosey on over to Facebook instead of studying for that exam? Turns out, Facebook could help you improve your memory. – Time
  2. Controversial Chavez: Hugo Chavez died at 58 yesterday. Venezuelan government and military attempting to show solidarity. – CNN
  3. 500 Years Later…: Jews of Spanish heritage are being invited back to Spain for the first time since the Spanish inquisition. Why now? – BBC News
  4. Microsoft Mess: The European Union Commission has fined Microsoft $733 million (USD) for not upholding an agreement to promote other internet browser options… Who uses Internet Explorer anyway? – Huffington Post
  5. Sequester Strains: The Obama Administration is having a hard time explaining how the sequester decision is going to affect spending. – CBS
  6. Superbugs: Health officials are alarmed by “nightmare bacteria,” which have become increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Several cases have been reported in the United States. – Time
  7. Missing Veteran Found: Soviet veteran of the 1980 invasion of Afghanistan found to be living amongst locals under a new name. Russia has been searching for 256 missing soldiers from that time. – Huffington Post
  8. Drawers for a Cause: Join this fundraiser and create underwear – yes, underwear – to be auctioned with all proceeds going toward Relay for Life. Informational meeting is tonight at 7pm in the Matador room at the SUB. – TechAnnounce
  9. Dow on the Rise?: The Dow Jones hit a surprising record high yesterday. What could that mean for the near spending future? – Reuters
  10. Beer Goggles: Why are people more attractive to us when we’re drunk? Science explains why your last party decision may not have been what you normally would have in mind… – Time

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