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When she returns my phone call, it is apparent that Lindsay Viola-Vu, an apparel design and manufacturing major at Tech, is in a hurry. In between snips of her talking about the garment she just draped for an upcoming season and the sound of people bustling in the background, it is obvious that Viola-Vu is leaving her internship later than usual.

“Sorry I’m calling so late, it’s been so busy at the office,” Viola-Vu said.

She said she had just gotten off of work, and from a brief description of her Thursday; a day in the life of a fashion intern in downtown New York  is far from the average internship.

Viola-Vu is not a stranger to the fashion world and has already begun to make a name for herself. In fact, she and one of her designs was featured on The Hub last semester, and she has achieved recognition through many other organizations and events since.Viola-Vu shared her Instagram photo of her at the 24 Hour Cotton Runway Show.

The just turned 21-year-old has been living in New York City for the past few months since she scored an internship with designer Yigal Azrouël. Viola-Vu said she has not only enjoyed her time with the company, but she has also learned a lot.

“It’s kind of crazy. I don’t really have a set thing that I do every day. It’s always an adventure,” said Viola-Vu. “No day is the same. Some days I’ll absolutely hate it and then the next I’ll love it.”

Viola-Vu said it has been a great learning experience. Originally, the designer was supposed to intern with the design department, but she ended up in production. She said she has not taken any form of production classes yet because she is only a junior and production classes do not take place until senior year.

“Most design internships are very structured. You typically only know the design team,” she said. “I’ve been really fortunate in my internship because I know all of the teams. I know my internship is very different than an internship should be.”

Her internship has been very different than most because of the opportunities she has participated in along the way. Viola-Vu said at the very beginning of her internship in January she got a call from an organization called Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show.

Viola-Vu shared her Instagram photo of her design walking down the 24 Hour Cotton Runway.

She said she had been encouraged by a professor in the fall to submit a some of her work to the organization. Viola-Vu and eight other students were selected to partake in the fashion show that took place in Miami this year. She said she was also the only student from Texas to be selected.

Viola-Vu said her internship supported her going to Miami for the runway show and they even sent her with clothes to wear for the event.

“The jacket I was wearing was actually from our Holiday Resort line for 2013 Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouël,” she said. “I mean they didn’t have to do that. They were so amazing about me going and they were very supportive.”

Viola-Vu said not only did she get to have her design shown for thousands to see, but she also got to meet Lauren Conrad and Giuliana and Bill Rancic. She said they were all very kind and excited about the event. She said she could not help but take note of Bill Rancic’s good looks.

“He’s probably the sexiest man I have ever met in my life,” Viola-Vu said. “He was like, ‘Yeah, let’s take a selfie.’”

Viola-Vu shared this photo from her Instagram of her and her new best friend, Bill Rancic.

Overall, she said, the internship has been a blessing in disguise. Viola-Vu said she originally was considering interning with major fashion house names such as Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, and Donna Karen. But instead, she said she chose the smallest name at the time.  She said Yigal Azrouël has grown significantly in the short time that she has spent with the company, and she cannot wait to see where it goes.

Viola-Vu said her boss gave her a piece of humbling advice. She said her boss told her to have a balanced life, to keep her personal contacts close, and to have a social life. Viola-Vu said her boss told her to never let the business of the fashion industry get to her.

Viola-Vu said after getting to work New York Fashion Week, interning for an amazing designer, and getting to experience working in the heart of the Big Apple, she feels blessed.

“The things I get to complain about now are ridiculous,” Viola-Vu said. “During New York Fashion Week my friend and I would joke saying, ‘we don’t want to go to the Yigal after party.’ Who says that?”

Viola-Vu shared this Instagram photo that she took of NYC.

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