10 Things To Know – March 4

1. Baby Got Cured: Doctors announced they have cured a baby born with H.I.V. New York Times

2. Wal-Mart In The White House: President Obama will nominate the woman behind Wal-Mart’s philanthropic efforts as the new White House budget director. Washington Post

3. Cardinal Misconduct: Former leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland admitted to sexual misconduct. BBC

4. Obama Reaches Out: President Obama is reaching out to Republicans to force a compromise regarding the massive across-the-board budget cuts that took place over the weekend. New York Times

5. On Trial: Judge of the BP oil spill case is set to hear from survivors of the 2010 fatal rig explosion this week. Bloomberg

6. Biden Apologizes: VP Joe Biden apologized and admitted guilt for not helping African-Americans during “Bloody Sunday” in 1965. USA Today

7. Florida Sucks: On Thursday, a Florida man was swallowed by sinkhole while sleeping in his home. A demolition team is now working to tear down the house. Reuters

8. Prison Problems: A fight broke out in an Arizona prison among 400 inmates. Huffington Post

9. Keep Calm and Vote On: The first elections in Kenya are being held under their new constitution to work against violence after over 1,000 people were killed in 2007. BBC

10. Big Bomb Blast: Two bombs ripped through a  Shiite section of Pakistan killing at least 38 people and injuring several more. NBC News

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